Above & Beyond Service

We understand that you invest far more than your hard earned money in summer camp. When you choose Camp Olympia in El Cerrito, you allow us to join you as a partner in helping your children grow, learn, and develop into happy, healthy adults. You trust us to deliver a camp experience and community in which your children can make memories they will always cherish, friendships that will be there when they need them most, and an unshakeable sense of purpose and self. We take that investment very seriously.

Through our Above and Beyond Service we promise to deliver on the following:

  • Private home visits throughout the Bay Area (if requested)
  • A new camper get together in May designed to help your child make friends and lessen any pre-Camp anxiety
  • Camp directors who make their cell phone numbers available to all camp parents for on call support before, during and after camp
  • A phone call from one of your child’s counselors touching base and sharing an update on the first week or so of camp
  • A closing letter from your child’s counselors highlighting your child’s growth and overall experience at the conclusion of camp
  • Hundreds of photos taken each day and facial recognition software that finds photos of your child and sends them directly to you!
  • Quarterly email updates with helpful ideas and resources
  • Intake forms and questions that help us understand your child’s wants, goals and needs
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