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Available Positions

We are very excited that you are interested in applying to join our team at Camp Olympia. Descriptions of available camp jobs and compensation for each position can be found below. Since we consider applications on a rolling basis until all positions are filled, these positions may or may not be open.

The titles below are the positions that you will need to choose when you complete the online application. Please email Jason Singer at if you have any questions.


Program Director – Little O’s

The Little O’s Program Director is in charge of our program and all teams for our youngest campers aged 5 – 8 years-old. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to: daily activity schedules; special event schedules; closely supporting kids and counselor teams for 5-8 year olds; all camp activities; counselor evaluations; making sure supplies are ready and transitions are smooth; shoutouts; morning meetings; clean-up; and weekly meetings with the Camp Director.

The Little O’s Program Director is the primary support system for counselors supporting that age group and is responsible for providing supervision, guidance, structure and support as needed. She/he is the primary contact for counselors concerning issues with campers (i.e. loneliness, bullying, etc.) as well as coworker dynamics and/or personal needs. She/he is an inspired source of support who ensures that counselors are able to excel at their jobs.

Lead Counselor

Lead Counselors are responsible for the care and supervision of the campers in all aspects of the program. Lead counselors guide their camper team throughout daily scheduled events, lead and support scheduled activities, and execute special parts of the camp program.  They have primary responsibility for group control and team spirit and, therefore, must build positive relationships with campers and serve as role models and authority figures.

Lead Counselors are a source of experience, support, encouragement and inspiration to Junior Counselors.

Lead counselors work from 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday-Friday. They need to be able to commute to work each day.

Junior Counselor

Junior Counselors have the same basic day-to-day responsibilities as Lead Counselors. Junior Counselors guide their camper team throughout daily scheduled events, lead and support scheduled activities, and execute special parts of the camp program. Junior Counselors stay with their assigned team of campers throughout the entire session. They are required to be excellent role models, caring and supportive of all campers, and trusted authority figures. Junior Counselors are teamed up with and provide support to their Lead Counselor.

Junior counselors work from 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday-Friday. They need to be able to commute to work each day.


JCIT Program Specialist

The JCIT specialist oversees and implements the JCIT Program. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, spending the morning with the JCITs doing projects, supporting JCITs role in lunch preparation and distribution, JCIT training (during camp), creating activities for JCITs to do together, creating JCIT schedules, and coming up with ways JCITs can help make camp better.

Extended Care Program Specialist

This person is responsible for planning and supporting our Extended Care Program. She/he will support the extended care team, plan activities, support campers, manage sign-in/sign-out of all participating campers, and interact with parents during drop-off and pick-up.

Photo/Slideshow Specialist

This position is in charge of taking hundreds of photos daily, taking all group photos, organizing photos from summer for marketing and distribution to parents, managing picture day, and putting together an amazing slideshow for each session.

Social Media Specialist

This specialist’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, managing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, uploading videos from special events, and creating fun videos and stories to help with our outreach and branding efforts.

Other Support Positions

Operations/Office Manager (OOM)

Operations/Office Manager candidates must be 21 years old and have a clean driving record. The job is mostly behind the scenes work, setting up and organizing camp for the enjoyment of all campers. Our Operations/Office Manager organizes and runs the camp office, they are constantly interacting with parents, managing lunch duty, and organizing field trips.

She/he will also assist directors and counselors by making sure that the campers’ and their families’ needs are taken care of. Our Operations/Office Manager is critical to our success and the engine that keeps things running smoothly. It is an opportunity to learn about what goes into making a business run and gain valuable experience in an office setting.


The following is an outline of our pay scale for summer staff. The pay scale is our way of making salaries consistent for the entire staff. However, if you have unique qualifications not stated in the outline, please include that information in your application for employment.

TitleSalary Range Per WeekMinimum Qualifications
Young O’s Program Director$1200 – $160021 years old, college graduate, education experience
Specialist$600 – $80018 years old or high school graduate
Lead Counselor$500 – $60018 years old or high school graduate
Junior Counselor$400 – $50016 years old
Office/Operations Manager$800 – $90021 years old, clean driving record

Compensation Additions

Additions to base counselor salary (per week) are made for the following situations:

TitleAdded per Week
Over 21 years old$10.00
College Graduate (replaces over 21 addition)$20.00
Activity Certification (ACA or equivalent – $20.00 max)$10.00
Positive Coaching Alliance Certification (must complete all 3 classes)$15.00
Full-time classroom teaching experience$20.00
EMT certification$20.00

** ALL staff MUST be First Aid and CPR Certified.

We look forward to reading your application and will contact you if you are selected for an interview. In the interim, if you should have any questions or require additional information please contact Jason Singer,


Thanks for your interest in Camp Olympia.

It is with very heavy hearts that we have decided not to open Camp Olympia this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As parents ourselves, we share your agonizing desire to give our own kids a summer filled with all of the amazing things Camp Olympia is designed to provide: joyful, fun-filled sports and games; forever friendships; lifetime memories; tons of opportunities to practice and build character strengths that come from teaming with peers and trying new things; and, last but certainly not least, close relationships with well-trained, amazing counselors.

We will deliver all that and more… in 2021! We hope you will join us then!

Feel free to hang out and learn all about Camp OIympia and provide your email address below so that we can reach out to you when we open registration for 2021.

Be well and stay safe.

In gratitude,
Jason Singer
Owner & Director of Camp Olympia