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Why us

Why Camp Olympia?

Camp Olympia is exactly what summer should be – a gift to your child filled with unplugged, joy-filled, non-stop fun; a warm and caring community rooted in closeness and belonging; and a thoroughly planned high energy adventure designed to foster growth, friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime. 

OUr Experience

The Camp Olympia Experience

Our mission is to inspire all of our campers to become the best possible versions of themselves while having FUN! Nonstop play, memorable rituals and traditions, exciting activities and trips, and a thoughtfully cultivated sense of unity and belonging are at the heart of the Camp Olympia experience.

Our Commitment

Above & Beyond Service

You invest far more than your hard earned money in summer camp. When you choose Camp Olympia you ask us to join you in making sure your children grow, learn, and develop into happy, healthy adults. Above and Beyond Service is our way of showing you that we understand the magnitude of your investment in your child and your trust in us.

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