The Big 6 Behaviors

At Camp Olympia in El Cerrito, CA, we focus on helping your child grow and develop the six behaviors that research shows are among the biggest drivers of happiness and future success. 

Positive behaviors are like muscles. They get stronger the more we exercise them. With a ton of support from their teammates and counselors and lots of opportunities to practice around every corner, we promise to send your camper home with bigger, buffer, Big 6 Behavior muscles.

The Big 6 BehaviorsWhat they look like?
Be kind and supportive 

Appreciate your opponent’s effort

Encourage your teammates

Invite others to join the game or activity

Show courtesy and respect to peers and adults

Do the right thing

Follow the rules of the game

Play fair

Own your foul or penalty

Lose without making excuses

Never lie or cheat

Stay positive

Win without gloating

Lose without complaining

Maintain a positive attitude

Look for silver linings

Accept the judgement of officials (and counselors)

Never give up

Always give your best

Keep trying especially after you don’t succeed

Believe in yourself

Ask for help

Embrace fear and conquer it

Be a great teammate

Commiserate with, instead of blaming, teammates

Share credit with others when things go well

Trust your teammates

Share in the responsibilities of the team.

Embrace the team strategy

Let yourself be led

Show gratitude

Recognize and appreciate the contributions of others

Soak in the moment

Stay coachable and listen

Check your sense of entitlement

Recognize contributions from others that go unnoticed