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Why Camp Olympia?

Unplug and Press Play!

Our high energy program and well planned activities provide hours of unplugged, awesome fun.

So much has changed since we were kids but one thing is more true today than ever before – Our kids NEED summer camp! The scientific research is pretty clear that time away from screens is a critical part of healthy brain development.

At Camp Olympia, every day is filled with crazy, whimsical, nonstop fun through sports, games, STEAM activities, field trips, theme days, camp contests and more.

A Day Camp With Plenty of Camp Magic

“Camp magic” is one of those things you know exists… when you feel it.

While it can be elusive, camp magic is never an accident. It needs time, trust, familiarity and friendship to catch hold.

At Camp Olympia, camp magic is the result of thoughtful planning and training, a commitment, an ethos, and a work ethic. It comes from hiring incredible staff, painstaking attention to countless unseen details, and a constant focus on the hearts and minds of our campers.

We strongly recommend every camp family consider our 3-week sessions so your child has maximum time and space to experience a little Camp O magic.

Building Character Through Positive Competition

Our campers play, compete, support one another and develop important character strengths all while having a ton of fun.

Given our focus on sports and games your child will experience plenty of winning and losing, succeeding and falling short. We see each of those moments as opportunities for every child to learn and grow.

We are fanatical about providing a safe and intentional community where caring, highly trained staff are 100% focused on sparking joy, helping kids learn through doing, and providing encouragement along the way.

Each day provides countless small opportunities to learn, practice, and grow what we refer to as the Big 6 Behaviors:

  • Be kind and supportive
  • Do the right thing
  • Stay positive
  • Never give up
  • Be a great teammate
  • Show gratitude

We end every single day of camp with a cold delicious popsicle and a moment to relax and recognize Big 6 Behavior moments.

At the end of each week 1 or 2 campers on each team who model the Big 6 Behaviors are recognized as “O-some Campers of the Week,” receive a special ribbon, and see their names added to that summer’s Big O Board – an honor they can return to look at for many summers to come.

Meaningful Friendships & Shared Memories

Camp Olympia is designed from top to bottom to foster a sense of closeness and cultivate a sense of belonging.

The not-so-secret ingredient to a truly special camp experience is the closeness campers develop among themselves, with their counselors, and with the camp itself.

Camp Olympia is designed to foster that closeness. For all but one hour in the day, campers move from activity to activity with their team – 15-16 similar age and gender campers. Each team consists of a dedicated counselor and junior counselor. We maintain a camp-wide ratio of 7 to 1 campers to staff.

We are by design NOT a daily drop-in, weekly or skills-based camp. Our program is designed around longer sessions, many hours to play and have fun together, and touchstone events like the Camp Olympia Games, field trips, and our unique Friday Night Lights Cookout and Campout. Each of these components of our program provides the time and context campers need to make memories, build trust, and strengthen bonds.

We want your child to feel like they are a meaningful part of Camp Olympia and that Camp Olympia and the friendships and memories made with us are a meaningful part of them.

Play versus Instruction

We believe deeply in learning by doing and fueling every child’s sense of wonder and excitement for sports and play.

Camp Olympia is a joy-based sports and games focused camp. We’re committed to feeding that imagination and joy kids bring to pick-up games on the playground and while playing with kids in the neighborhood. While kids do compete and their skills improve, Camp Olympia is meant to be a re-invigorating break from competitive sports programs and leagues.

Even our serious athletes who play on club and traveling teams will thrive under Camp Olympia’s approach. Our program gives every camper much needed time to stretch and strengthen lots of different joints and muscles that help them build core strength and avoid repetitive use injuries.

We appeal to every camper’s sense of fantasy and imagination by creating a world in which “world records” and “personal bests” are constantly broken, legends are born, heroic moments are witnessed and “championships” are won nearly every single day.

Camp Olympia Bolt

“Camp Olympia believes in building character and emphasizing the joy in sports for all kids. It fills a huge need in the East Bay. . .what a great vision.”

Antonio Scott
Owner & Coach, Berkeley Red Devils Basketball
Camp Olympia Bolt

“Jason has been a leader in youth development in the Bay Area for decades. Camp Olympia combines fun, sports, and character development in a way that kids adore and parents marvel at.”

Brian Greenberg
Prospect Sierra Parent


Thanks for your interest in Camp Olympia.

It is with very heavy hearts that we have decided not to open Camp Olympia this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As parents ourselves, we share your agonizing desire to give our own kids a summer filled with all of the amazing things Camp Olympia is designed to provide: joyful, fun-filled sports and games; forever friendships; lifetime memories; tons of opportunities to practice and build character strengths that come from teaming with peers and trying new things; and, last but certainly not least, close relationships with well-trained, amazing counselors.

We will deliver all that and more… in 2021! We hope you will join us then!

Feel free to hang out and learn all about Camp OIympia and provide your email address below so that we can reach out to you when we open registration for 2021.

Be well and stay safe.

In gratitude,
Jason Singer
Owner & Director of Camp Olympia