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Why Work at Camp O


As a passionate, skilled, and caring counselor you can have an amazing impact on a child’s life. Few people will be remembered and revered like their favorite El Cerrito day camp counselors. Your campers will share hilarious stories about you at the dinner table and cherish your support as they mastered the Big 6 Behaviors. Above all, they will reach toward your example when it is their turn to lead and impact others.

We promise to do more than simply ask you to lead. We will provide extensive training and support that helps you develop into a great leader. We will give you countless opportunities to practice those skills and refine them, provide helpful feedback, celebrate your finest moments, and support you through your most challenging ones.

If you love kids and want to grow as a leader, join us!


It is our privilege and our challenge to create a community in which kids feel inspired to grow, invest themselves in a sense of belonging and closeness, and have an absolute blast.

This is where the magic of camp lives for staff. Whether it is seeing a camper’s face light up after scoring a goal, watching them encourage their teammates to never give up, or getting a high-five and a big thank you for the best summer of their lives in the East Bay Area, you will feel immensely inspired knowing that you were a powerful source of inspiration fueling each of those moments.

And then, there are countless opportunities to be inspired by your colleagues and friends. Days at Camp Olympia will be intense, joyful, challenging and magical all at the same time. The friendships and memories born out of that shared experience will last a lifetime.


Camp should be as transformative for camp staff as it is for campers. The extraordinary energy, passion, and hard work you invest in Camp Olympia will be matched by our investment in your own personal and professional growth. Camp is an incredible platform to develop professional skills that will empower you for the rest of your life. The 24/7 support you receive from Camp Olympia leadership through weekly check-ins, goal setting, and your personalized growth review will be highly individualized. We are passionate about helping you grow and transform into the leader and person you aspire to become.


There are few things more empowering and exhilarating than feeling a part of something truly extraordinary. It is at the heart of our mission to make Camp Olympia a Bay Area community where teamwork, trust, compassion, and the support we give to one another create a community we all long to return to each summer. We aspire to a sense of belonging so special it stays with all of us – campers and staff alike – the rest of our lives.


Thanks for your interest in Camp Olympia.

It is with very heavy hearts that we have decided not to open Camp Olympia this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As parents ourselves, we share your agonizing desire to give our own kids a summer filled with all of the amazing things Camp Olympia is designed to provide: joyful, fun-filled sports and games; forever friendships; lifetime memories; tons of opportunities to practice and build character strengths that come from teaming with peers and trying new things; and, last but certainly not least, close relationships with well-trained, amazing counselors.

We will deliver all that and more… in 2021! We hope you will join us then!

Feel free to hang out and learn all about Camp OIympia and provide your email address below so that we can reach out to you when we open registration for 2021.

Be well and stay safe.

In gratitude,
Jason Singer
Owner & Director of Camp Olympia